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D/s Seekers website started life as a small MSN community in 2001, when we were running our original chatroom. In fact the "comm" was actually there before we opened the Seekers Chat Room, as I had started it when I decided to begin my search for a submissive. The original community was called Master Gharlane's Search, and it remained with that name till earlier this year. At that time we changed the name of the group from it's original Master Gharlane's Search to D/s Seekers Group. The msn group site is long gone now. One of the reasons we changed the name was so that the group rating could be changed (MSN changed all adult groups to members only) so that people could access the site without having to join.

Over time it became known as "Seekers Comm", and thanks to cleo who is the best person I know with MSN groups, she created a 250 page site which in my view was almost unequalled in MSN. cleo spent many days and weeks over 2 years putting the group together, and the MSN group received nearly 24,000 hits in two years to 2004; no mean feat in my view for a "small" MSN comm.

In 2003 when MSN were upgrading their chat services and groups we decided that we were not prepared to lose the group site we had built just because MSN decided they might shut groups down, or start charging to use them, and we set about the task of taking D/s Seekers onto the web.

Learning as we went, we built a website from scratch, which was pretty simple, and fairly boring, although at the time we were quite proud of it.We paid for our own web hosting with a commercial provider, purchased the "seekers.org.uk" domain and launched "seekers on the web". Two months after this, one Friday evening we sat down together and decided that we needed a better look to Seekers site. cleo had this vision of how the site would look, and I managed to create something like that vision. Between us, always working as a team, we have built what I believe to be one of the best D/s resource sites on the web now. We have a Seekers "corporate image" which was created by us, using our own graphics, and ideas. The Seekers site is in its 4th incarnation now, and is in my view a great looking site, as well as one which provides useful, and more importantly easily read information.

At the outset of the website we decided that we wanted the site to be very different: too many sites simply reproduce the same articles over and over. Everywhere you look you see the self same articles and pieces, time and time again. cleo trawled the net, looking for new and different articles. Frankly there weren't too many so we decided to write them ourselves, and that's what we did. As well as that some friends who have been previously "unpublished" on the net provided us with pieces for the site for which we are eternally grateful.

Of course there are a few articles that everyone has that always bear reading, and which are much published, and we have kept those. The site is always growing, and we try to add stuff as often as we can, so there's usually something new to look at. If anyone has articles or ideas then by all means let us know, because we are always on the lookout for new writings for Seekers.

The whole site is linked together under the "Seekers" domain which we own, and you will see that most of the other sites we are involved with are all run as sub-domains from Seekers.

Of course there is also the Seekers chat room: For a couple of years now we have used the Buzzen network for our chat room, and recently we chose to rebrand the room as "Absolute Submission" after cleo's own website. Along with that we have also created our own internet radio station, entitled DsFM which plays music 24/7 and where there are DJ's from the chatroom.

Seekers is our labour of love, and always will be. It has enabled us to meet and make many good and long lasting friends since its inception. Yes we have had arguments, and fallings out with people too. That will always happen.

What I would suggest is that if you have not looked at Seekers website before that you take some time to have a read through it. There is much there of interest to everyone in the D/s lifestyle. I am very proud to have been instrumental in building the Seekers sites, but would also say that without my cleo, they would not be anything like as good as they are. She is the vision, the one who sees in her mind how things should look, and is also the graphics expert. I for my sins do the techie stuff, like trying to make the pages "look" how cleo wants them. (who says subs don't get to order Doms about? ) The seekers website has had in excess of 400,000 hits on it since 2004 when we added the counter, so all in all we are very proud to say that "seekers" is both successful and enjoyed by many. Thank you to everyone who has looked, and those who continue to return.

Visit Seekers now, and tell us what you think: Click here

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