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This site is a bringing together of all the things in my life right now. Through all of this the single most important thing, and the common thread is the choice I make as to how I live.

So what's it all about? D/s is the answer. D/s is a lifestyle choice: Domination and submission. D/s takes many forms, and encompasses many other choices too such as BDSM, Master/slave, fetish and many more. It's not easy to define D/s, and while many have tried, something always seem to get left out, and in fact everyones D/s is very different, being very much about personal choice.

When cleo and I first started running the Seekers chatroom we tried to define what D/s meant to us in a simple, easy to understand way. What we came up with was the following:

"D/s is a lifestyle choice, Domination and submission, where people live their lives opting by nature to be either Dominant or submissive. In a relationship the one complements the other and is based on the gift of submission, and absolute trust"

Now this may not be right for everyone, but it certainly defines what we feel, and I hope it gives a sort of springboard for others to define their own D/s philosophy. Talking of which i believe it's so important for everyone to have their own views, and philosophy, based on what is right for them. How can you make decisions if you don't think about the reasons for those choices?

Within the site here you will find links to my personal weblog, and some examples of the creative side of me: my poetry, and my music, and the websites which cleo and I build.

Finally, I would like to say that without my cleo, to whom I shall be eternally grateful for so many things, none of this would have been possible: she is my soulmate, my love, and most importantly is my collared slave, and for all those things, I thank her very much. Words cannot express what I feel for her.

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