A Sigh

A sigh, expressing love and yet
From you is more than this
Like a book that tells a story
Or a long and lingering kiss.

And still the words unspoken
In the briefest moment here
It is the sigh that says it all
And 'tis the sigh that says much more

Like a star that shines above us
Like the moon on summers night
It is the sigh that drives the seasons
And the sigh that shines so bright

The frozen wastes of winter
Can be thawed by just a sigh
As the sea breeze is relentless
Like the twinkling of your eye

A whisper in the dawn light
Like a nightjar song on high
Sighs a gentle little murmur
Like the stream that's running by

A chase across the wastelands
Where two minds will touch the sky
And the flickered light of candles
Are extinguished by your sigh

Oh! Immortal sigh of longing
Everlasting to the end
It is the sigh that says I know you
As my lover and my friend