The Gigglewitch

As the lightning cuts the cold dark sky
The Gigglewitch watches from a half closed eye
Watching the raindrops clatter by
And the thunder crashing from way on high

As the storm clouds gather darker yet
The Gigglewitch settles on the parapet
Making a high pitched wailing cry
She peers up into the rain soaked sky

And the Gigglewitch takes to flight again
Her jet-black wings beat against the rain
Still peering from her half closed eye
She circles round the leaden sky

Her flight takes her high above the storm
Into the light of the winter morn
The moons silver rays play upon her wings
She flies in ever-smaller rings

The quiet of the air is suddenly broken
By a shriek in the sky, for she has spoken
In a voice that is heard for miles around
The Gigglewitch lands on the rain soaked ground

* as yet unfinished