I Am Cleopatra

Blue Nile, Blue Sky. The acrid heat of day
Hurts like the scalding sun.
And I am Cleopatra.
In Luxor's ruins I played when I was young.
Held grains of sand that flowed through my fingers.
Now I am older and the grains are like the lives of my people.
For I am Cleopatra.
When I was a child I dreamed of servants
Hanging on my every word. And now they do.
For I am Cleopatra.
The shadows of the pyramids hang black,
As I am forced to run like last nights moon.
I fade each day but return renewed
Each night. For I am Cleopatra.
And with each day I learn the power I have.
Of life and death
Like the ebb and flow
Of the Mistress Nile who gives of life
Then takes away. As I can.
For I am Cleopatra
And I am what the past has made me.
Brought me here to this moment, and
Created me from all the things I have done,
And had done to me.
Eternal beauty fades with time and
I see me for what I am; an alchemist,
A chaser of gold. But this gold is the sand
That blows in the hot winds from the sea
And my soul is lost in the mists of my youth
In Luxor where I played many years ago
Under the acrid heat of the burning desert sun, and although
The black shroud of death has covered me all these years
I will rise again, and still I will not forget
That I am Cleopatra.